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Range of services

  • Qualified contractor for Porsche, Bentley, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi, Volkswagen, (VAG Group) 

  • many years of experience in engine construction

  • Fleet management including e-vehicles 

  • Many years of experience in diagnosing and solving complicated special cases 

  • maintenance and care


General service

  • Advice on tire choice and Tire Check 

  • wheel and tire change

  • Professional assembly on aluminum, steel and magnesium rims and storage 

  • Advice on rim selection

  • Execution of all car mechanic work on brake systems, steering, chassis

  • Production of exhaust systems

  • Maintenance and inspections according to manufacturer specifications 

  • Holiday or winter check

  • Battery service (also e-vehicles)

Lover service 

  • Many years of experience with American V8 engines 

  • Experience in diagnosing and solving complicated special cases 

  • Classic car maintenance and service 

  • Spare part production 

  • Care and maintenance of all areas of the vehicle

  • Long-standing partnership with painters, upholsterers and conditioners



  • Care at the racetrack 

  • Coaching on the race track

  • driver training

  • Advice on licenses

  • Tuning and development of racing cars

  • Pre- and post-processing of race events

VIP service

  • Exclusive pitch rental 

  • Video surveillance 

  • 24/7 air-conditioned 

  • Battery Conservation Power Supply 

  • Multiple secured (motion detector)

  • alarm system protection

  • daily personal check 

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