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From father to son

Thanks to my father, Harry Read Senior, who was a passionate racing driver himself, I grew up at the race track. He founded the Read Racing Team consisting of himself as a driver, me as a mechanic and my mother Doris as a manager. In memory of his spirit and to continue the common history, I founded Read-Racing GmbH in 2021.

As a family business, my mother Doris now also works in the company. What distinguishes us is the long-standing passion for racing and the vision to be more than just a garage. With us you should experience the love of the automobile with all your senses. We live the lifestyle of racing in regular internal member events, in the company's own lounge, in joint trips, "Cars and Coffee" and at track days. It is only through this love for the automobile that we can offer the personal, first-class and exclusive service that our name stands for.

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McLaren M8C

The 1970 McLaren M8C is at the heart of Read-Racing. A timeless classic among racing sports cars. Developed in the late 1960s, this car embodies the heyday of the "Can-Am era" or "Canadian-American Challenge Cup" like no other.


Today this car with its unbelievable 800 hp is an "exotic". More than 50 years ago it was an unimaginable machine capable of extraordinary things. There are only three M8Cs left in the world. One of them has been family-owned since 2001.

In 2021 we won the championship with it and in 2022 we became vice champions of the Cam-Am series as part of the FHR

McLaren M8C

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